How can I contact you RUMAG?

To contact us you can:

– You can fill in the Contact us form and our customer care will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I create an account?

To create an account you can:

– Select at least an item in the store and put it in the shopping cart,

– Proceed to checkout,

– Fill in all your personal details,

– Select “Create an account?” and fill in a password in this section

N.B. Please keep in mind that you don’t need an account to order on our website.

You can order as a “Guest” anytime you want but you won’t be able to check your user history.

What can I order?

You can order only the items that are available on our website.

N.B. If something is not available, unfortunately it means that it’s not in stock anymore.

Where can I find a size guide?

To check the size guide you need to:

– Click on an item to open the description page,

– Right under the description of the product you will find the size guide.

N.B. Our sizes are in Centimeters (CM) and they are taken measuring the circumference of the spots described.

What is a Discount Code and how do I get one?

A Discount Code is a voucher we give to our customers to have some extra discount on the total cart.

To have one you can:

– Follow one of ambassadors on Instagram or Facebook and you will find a 15% Discount Code on their page,

– Ask for a Discount Code when you return something following the Returns Policy,

N.B. We cannot give personal Discount Codes unless there is a good reason

How do I use a discount code?

To use a Discount Code you can:

– Select all the items you like,

– Go to your cart,

– Apply your coupon code in the “Coupon” section,

– You will see that the price will change and you can proceed with the payment.

N.B. It is possible to use only one discount code per order. It’s not possible to use percentage discount codes during sales.

Do I receive a confirmation email when I order something?

When you order something on our website you receive:

– An email that informs you we received your order,

– A second confirmation email informing you that your package will be shipped as soon as possible,

– An email from DHL with a track and trace code

N.B. Depending on your spam settings, our confirmation email could end up into your spam box or in a different folder.

If the confirmation email isn’t in any folder, you might have filled in the wrong email address.

In this case, please contact us providing your full name and address and we will give you more information about your order.

Why doesn’t my credit card work?

For security reasons, we can accept only 3D-Secured Credit Cards.

If your card doesn’t work, it probably means that it’s not 3D-Secured.

Please choose a different payment method.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Can I use discount codes during a sale?

During sales it’s possible to use only personal discount codes with a specific amount.

If you have a percentage discount code, it’s not possible to use it during sales.

It’s not possible to use our 15% promotional codes during sales.

If we give special percentage discount codes, it’s not possible to use them on sale products.

If you have sale product(s) in your cart, it’s not possible to use special percentage discount codes.


Can I return the products I ordered?

You can only if:

– You send them back within 2 weeks after you received them,

– They are in original condition (Not worn or washed),

– The tags are still on,

– They are still in their original package.

– You can read everything about returns in our Returns Policy

N.B. If you try them on, Slips and Thongs cannot be exchanged nor refunded.
If the conditions are not fulfilled we can’t exchange the products and we will ask you to pay for the shipping costs to send the product back to you.

How do I return items?

To return products you can:

– Fill in the Return Form (we never answer to the return forms we receive),

– Print the form and put it in the package with the invoice you received with your order,

– When we will receive your package, we will check the items and send you an
e-mail to inform you (the process might take a few working days),

– The exchange/refund you asked for will be processed within 10 working days (2 weeks).

Please wait for the 2 weeks before you contact our customer service.

If after 2 weeks you still didn’t receive what you asked for, please contact us providing your order number and the details of your return.

N.B. We cannot make exchanges/refunds if we don’t know what you are asking for.
If you don’t put any Return Form, invoice or note in the package, we won’t know who you are and we won’t be able to contact you about the package we received.

What can I ask for when I return items?

When you return items to RUMAG you can:

– Change the size or the colour of the product,

– Change the product with a different one that has the same commercial value,

– Ask for a refund of the products you sent back,

– Ask for a Discount Code you can use on your next purchase (It will have the exact amount you paid when you purchased)

– If you would like to exchange something with a product that has a different commercial value, please contact our customer service via the Contact Us form

Our Customer service will take care of your request and we will help you finding a suitable solution about the exchange.

What can I do if there is a production error in the product I received?

Please fill in the Contact Us form providing the following information:

– Explanation of the defect,

– Order number,

– Name, color and size of the product,

– Upload pictures in which we can clearly see both the product and the defect.

N.B. If you used or washed the product and the tags are not on anymore we can’t refund you.

If you have a problem with your product we will try to help you as much as you can but refunds are not doable.

What can I do if I received the wrong product?

Please fill in the Contact Us form providing the following information:

– Explanation of the problem,

– Order number,

– Name, color and size of the product you ordered,

– Name, color and size of the product you received,

– Upload pictures in which we can clearly see the mistake.

– Upload pictures of every page of the invoice you received with your package

What can I do if I didn’t receive a product?

Please fill in the Contact Us form providing the following information:

– Explanation of the problem,

– Order number,

– Name, color and size of the product you didn’t receive,

– Upload pictures of every page of the invoice you received with your package

What happens if I used a personal Discount Code and I ask for a full refund?

Please keep in mind that Discount Codes are never refundable.

If a personal Discount Code was used, you can still return the order and ask for a refund.

If return the entire order asking for a full refund, our administration will:

– Refund the exact amount you paid for the product(s),

– Create a new Discount Code (it will have the same value of the one you already had),

– Send the new Code via email.

N.B. This rule doesn’t apply to promotional codes our athletes share on social medias.

Can I return sale products?

Sale products are not refundable.

If you order something during a sale you can return it and ask for:

– Exchange of the size,

– Discount code for the price you paid with Free Shipping

Bundles and kits are not considered as sale products.


Which company do you ship packages with?

We always ship our packages with DHL Express.

Do you ship to my country?

To check if we ship to your country you can:

– Select one item and put it in the cart,

– Proceed to checkout,

– Open the “Country” section,

– Type the name of your country.

If you can select your country, it means that we can ship to your address.

N.B. It’s not possible for us to ship to Russia.

How much do the shipping charges cost?

To check the cost of shipping charges you can:

– Select one item and put it in the cart,

– Proceed to checkout,

– Open the “Country” section,

– Type the name of your country,

– In the right side of the screen you will see “Shipping” and how much it costs.

How can I have free shipping?

If your order costs more than €150.00 you will get DHL Express Free Shipping.

This doesn’t mean that the delivery time will be longer. We will always ship with DHL Express and it’s just a gift that we give to our customers.

If your order costs more than €150.00 and the Shipping costs are still calculated in the total price, please select “Free Shipping” on the right side of your cart.

N.B. Discount codes don’t apply to Shipping Costs.

When will you ship my package?

After we process and complete your order, our logistics will pack and ship the items within 1 working day.

When we ship the package you will receive an email from DHL Express with an Track & Trace code so you can follow your order.

N.B. During sales there might be a delay.

When will I receive my package?

After a package is shipped, you will receive your package within 6 working days.

The delivery time depends on the country you live in.

You can read all the information in our Shipping section.

Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

If you filled in the wrong address you can:

– Give us your order number, by using the contact form.

– Explain your problem and give us the correct address.

We can change the address if the package is still in our warehouse.

If the package is already on its way, we have to contact DHL and there is no guarantee that the change will go through.

If you want to change your shipping address there might be a delay in the delivery.

N.B. If you send us a message via the Contact Us form, we might not read it on time. If you need to change your shipping address, it’s better if you call us.

What are import duties & how much will it cost me?

Every country has varying import duties attached to certain product types, and reasons for shipment. We are unfortunately not responsible for covering any per country incurred import taxes. We are working at expanding our Warehousing across the globe to provide faster shipments from local warehouses, without any possible import taxes. Thank you for your understanding